Thursday, October 16, 2008

grr and just talk

Network Timeout

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Well - damn it! I tried other sites I can obviously can visit other sites. My firewall isn't blocking it! GRRRR So, since I'm feeling 75% better I figured I'll blog yet again in a matter of a half an hour LMAO I am suck a fork... LOL and yes it does say fork not dork, I text that to hubby this morning and he sent one back saying I have to add dork to my T9 dictionary. Yesterday hubby went to ATT store and got me a phone since we had an upgrade available and my lovely iPhone was stolen at walmart. Hubby finally got me one. He asked if I wanted a Palm Centro like like I've been hinting since it was stolen. Well, we were in a little fight and I said get me whatever I dont care and hung up and stupid dumb ass didn;t get me it. Oh well instead of being the bitch that I am I should of just said yes but oh well less money on our bill as with this phone I dont have to have the data package. Our att bill is high enough... we have hubbys backjack II with the data plan, unlimited minutes & texting on both our lines, and our internet card.. comes to about 300 a month LMAO. We didn't have to pay the $200 disconnection fee since we were still keeping the line just switching it to a different plan WOOT! I would try and get on tww with hubby's phone but he took it now since I have one. I missed texting but now I have to get use to actually using the number buttons instead of a keyboard.
It rained a lot yesterday! I loved it. I had hubby open up all the windows and it was so beautiful and today is sooo nice outside.

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Mandy said...

congrats on you week being smoke free. I used to smoke, and trust me it will be hard some days, but you will get to a point that it will gross you out. One day at a time!!!