Friday, September 12, 2008

My eventful evening and IKE

We were suppose to get discharged at noon. The doc called in my percription at wal-mart so I wouldn't have to wait around since he put me on modified bedrest. I packed everything up and got dressed. Called hubby and he picked the kiddos up and came to the hospital. We didn't get discharged for 3 hours GRRR We went to the medical center and picked up my new nebulizer machine. Found out that my insurance wouldn't cover it since they only do one every 5 years and the last time I got one was 4 years and 9 months ago. So, there is $215.00 dollars down the drain. We get to wal-mart and to pharmacy and they told me that the doctor never called it in BULL SHIT! I dig and dig and dig threw my purse for my iPhone so I can call my doc and it's gone. I know I had it when I went in the store because I was on it when I walked threw the doors. Then I placed it on top of my purse and I looked at the rings in the Jewlery section then went to pharmacy. Someone stole it. Hubby goes to the car to get his and we call AT&T and suspend the line. Then we call the doctor and he said he placed the order by phone hours ago and to show them the confermation paper because it has the number. So, hubby goes back out to the car and gets it. They said they typed in my name wrong and got my birthday wrong too so they have to start all over and it'll be 2 hours. WTF I was pissed off and crying because of my phone and I never put insurance on that phone! We walk around for 2 hours looking at everything and pick up water and some other canned goods for hurricane IKE. Go back to the pharmacy and the stupid fuckers said they forgot to put it in and it'll be ready by 7 (another 2 hours) when they close. OMG I blew up and bitched them a new asshole. It's 6:30 both kids are hungry, cranky and my 5 year old even took a nap in the buggy. It's still not ready so I stand at the counter as a constant reminder. LOL Finally at 7:15 they are ready but only 4 of the 6. The other 2 they did not carry. WTF I'm done and I refuse to go to wal-mart for percriptions I'll drive the extra 20 minutes to Wal-Greens.
We're on our way home and we have to stop by the storage to pick up the generator for when the power goes out. While on the way there the front tire blows. ::sigh:: Hubby changes it and off we go. When we get home I just pass out on the couch. I get on-line for a little take a bubble bath and cuddle with hubby (since we're not suppose to have sex because of my miscarriage history) and I end up falling a sleep.

What we have for when IKE hits...

Hubby got the tire fixed today and filled up the Expidition and the Prius with gas. Also got $100 in gas for the generator. Last night we bought 3 24 packs of bottled water on top of 6 or 9 gallons of water. Shitload of canned goods. Bunch of bread and peanut butter.


Shannon said...

Good luck with Ike!! What a pain on top of everything else!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! Good luck with Ike! I guess it really has been one of those days huh? Well a big hug to you too and hope that tomorrow is much brighter. Are you expecting Ike to be insane? I hope you arent too close to the center. But anyways good luck! Stay safe!!