Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dreaded About Me Post

::updated 9.9.08::
I am a stay at home mother to my two wonderful children. My oldest girl is 5 years old and my youngest boy will be a year old in just a few short months. I am very happily married and we're trying to conceive a third baby. With some issues (explained below) We live in in the country of small town in Texas. We have farm animals (chickens, goats, cows and wild hogs). We love it here. Our children have medical abnormalities (also explained below). I love to scrap-book both paper and digitally. I LOVE photography. I am going to upgrade my digital camera that my Husband just spent $500 buck-a-roos on in January for a Digital SLR camera. Just have to save up the 2,000 buck-a-roos for that. We just bought a brand new house in the middle of NOWHERE VILLE! ::sigh:: Hubby loves to please me and bought me a dream house. I love it and couldn’t ask for anything better plus it‘s on 34 acers. It has a fire place, wrap around deck, play room (was second living room), office, mini bar and of course 3 bd 3 ba and all the other normal stuff. My husband says I have a Gypsy/Hippie soul. I’ve changed our life style to live GREEN (echonomy friendly). Yeah not the normal, change your light bulbs to the energy efficient ones but more in depth to where it affect our every day life. Explain in a later post. I’ll also make a post of how Hubby and I met and been together since I was 12 years old except for a little while when he was in the Army and we had our issues. I use to be a legal admin. asst. for an awesome law firm. I quit that job to be able to stay home and we were activly trying to pregnant and it was in thye way of RE appointments and just couldn't get that much time off. Hubby has a scarry job of a State Trooper. It worries me a lot and I spend a lot of nights just listening to the scanner to make sure nothing has happened to him. He loves it tho, and I support him no matter what he wants to do.

Fertility issues: I've made a post about it so, you can read it here if you haven't yet Tongue Out

Children Medical Issues:
Our Daughter Story
Our daughter who is 5 years old has been thew A LOT in her short life. She has seen the light but thankfully her booty turned around and came back to momma. She was born at exactly 38 weeks however her heart rate kept plummeting after my water broke and I was 8cm dilated. Stupid head doctor wouldn't let me finish laboring and have her vaginally. I ended up getting a screwed up c-section (another post itself that I'll soon do because it's one of the factors in my infertility). She was born with underdeveloped lungs. When she was 6 months old it took a turn for the worst. We took her to the ER they didn't even have us fill out ANY paper work what so ever. They just took her back and into a room where the evaluated her and then they told me that they would need to put her in a medicine induced coma and have intubated. I signed the papers and we had to leave the ER area and go into the triage area. Hours later we were able to go back to see my little baby in a coma with tubes EVERYWHERE!!! LONG story short while she was intubated there was a problem the tube came out and her heart stopped for 4 minutes. Then called for all these test on her brain and heart. We found out that she has ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) A hole in her heart that is hereditary trait on my family side.

Our Sons Story
Pregnancy went off without a problem WOOHOO! Planned C-section for exactly 40 weeks. I went into labor at exactly 39 weeks. Had my c-section and he was born weighing 9.12lbs 24 inches. BIG BABY! When he was 3 months old I asks his PCP about his feet & toes. They didn't look normal. They are all the same length and shaped odd. Asked about his sternum as it sinks in. Also asked about his tongue. Come to find out our son has 3 congenital abnormalities.

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