Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok, my MIL is here for the weekend and I am going INSANE!!! I knew she was coming in yesterday and she didn't tell us she was staying the whole weekend until she was already on her way here! So, I prepared myself mentally for when she came. ie: think of good smart ass remarks to anything she may say.
I knew she would complain about us spending money on plasma TVs, re-modeling the kitchen, painting the house inside and out and just money. She trys to be very controlling and that is why we moved 3 hours away from her LoL.
First thing she does when she walks in (yes, just walks in, no ringing door bell or knocking) (T-Bone almost went crazy if I wasn't within arms lenth of grabing him by the collar he would of attacted her, because that's what he's suppose to do) anyways... she start asking why we painted the outside, and why is there a new car in the drive way. My reply "because I wanted the house painted & because we needed a car that is better on gas so we traded in Joels truck for a hybrid car, not like you're paying for it" She then asks why is there poles in the back yard outlined with string. LMAO I started giggling because I knew it will piss her off "For our IN GROUND pool" Then she gets all wide eyed and lists 2000 reasons as to why we don't need a pool. I simply said, "your son you know my husband and I want one and it will be great for the kids" Yeah and it goes on and on. She bitched about our plasmas. Like we don't need one in our bedroom. I know that, but we up-graded the one in the living room to a bigger one and then what was I suppose to do with the 32 inch one... put it in one of the kids room... I DON'T THINK SO! So, it went in our bedroom. Apparently we, have too many DVDs, gaming systems, games and toys for the kids because they are already spoiled. When she brought the kids in I was PISSED!!! That's when I called Joel and told him to get his ass home or there would be a lot of drama. I told him mom I had an appointment. Packed the kids up in the car and drove around until Joel told me he was home.
Today - she was telling how to bake cookies. That a real woman wouldn't need to hire a helper/nanny. WTF obviously she has NEVER been pregnant with triplets, put of bed rest, or had a husband that works 12 hours every day and is on call when he is not! So, besides cooking I've locked myself in the office leaving Joel to deal with his mother and as I look threw the french door windows, he gives me the evil eye and flicks me off. Sorry bubba, I love you and I married you.. not your mama!
ahh now I feel better for getting it all out of my system!


Mandy said...

I am so sorry your not having a good weekend. Sounds like you have one heck of a MIL. Just remember the weekend is almost over, and hopefully she won't be back anytime soon! One more day....

Annie said...

I just read this post, haven't been feeling too well over the weekend, but I hope you were able to make it through okay. If I had a mom in law like that she would NOT be staying at my house overnight - LOL

PS - ur belly pics are cute :)