Thursday, September 18, 2008

9 week Ultrasound **Edited to add belly**

Baby A - 30mm - Measures 9 wks 160bpm

Baby B - measures 8 wks 128bpm

Baby C - 34mm - measures 9.4 wks 165bpm

It's so cute!

Baby A & C look like little Teddy Graham crackers just floating and squirming around. I saw all 6 eyes. Kinda freaky. REs not happy with my p4 so YAY I now have suppositories FUN! He's not happy at all about Baby B (he never really ways) but Baby B has only grown 3 days since last weeks u/s The bpm haven't gone up much either. To me, the sea monkey IS growing. Not, getting smaller or slowing down. I just think this one goes to it's own tune. He said to prepare for the worst but hope for the best and maybe the p4 will help. ::sigh:: I am just trying to stay positive. Hubby has been asking me constantly if I'm okay. I tell him yes but deep down, I am upset and angry. Why? because I cannot do anything. I hate not having control of any of this or my body and boy is it wearing me thin. I am doing everything I can to stay positive and keep my head up. Tomorrow my p4 should be here. The nurse gave me about 20 of them. I have to insert one at a time 4 times a day. YUK I feel like I am constantly dripping something so, panty-liners are my new friends. Tomorrow I'll have to get some more of them too.

Sorry they are crappy they are pictures of the u/s since my scanner is broken I tried sharpening it as best as possible!

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

DRUM ROLL!!! Belly Pic at only 9 weeks YIKES and sorry for the ugly look on my face. The flash was pissing me off. It would either flash out my face or my belly but out of the 28 I took these 2 were the best!

YUP 9 weeks and in maternity pants ALREADY... OY I'm gunna be HUGE!


Anonymous said...

Oh how amazing!! They are all so cute! I really hope baby B is the fighter and just trying to show that doctor whats up! I love when babies do that! So what are you feeling on the genders? I am guessing two girls and a boy.

Annie said...

That's so's such a blessing carrying one baby but carrying 3 will be such a one of a kind experience!

I'll be praying for "Baby B" - we can just call that one squirt since it's the smallest! :) And it will be even more fitting if it turns out to be a boy - LOL

I just told my little 2 year old you had THREE babies in ur belly...she looked at me, her eyes got HUGE & she said "OH. MY. GOSSSSH!" haahaha

Well thank you for my comment on my pictures! :) I look forward to reading more on your triplet journey :D