Monday, September 22, 2008

Life Insurance & Wills

Today hubby and I took the big step to ensure our kids get the best lives if we some how die. We always had life insurance on hubby ever since he went into police training because I know it's a dangerous job and there is always that chance he pull over/arrests the psycho pissed off person. Granted it wasn't a big one but 6 years ago we didn't have much money so we only took out $150,000 life insurance policy. I never had one but we feel it is necessary since I am pregnant with triplets and complication risks are high with all possibilities that could potentially go wrong, so we now both of us have a $500,000 policy. It was rough talking about it and everything and this pregnancy has made me very emotional so I was crying like a baby.
We also met with our lawyer and now we have wills. If he dies, I get the kids and can do what I want with the house/property and materialistic things. I get to make all medical dections if he is not capable of doing ie:pull the plug or not, donate organs if viable or not. I know how he feels about all that. So, if God forbid it happens I know what he would want me to do. Same goes if I die (I have a DNR - Do Not Resuscitate). We have it in our wills if we want to be cremated or not and who gets custody of the kids, property, and where our savings go ect ect. It was a long process and alot of things came up that I never even thought of. But it's all said and done and I admit I feel much better knowing that everything will be taken care of after we pass. It feels like a HUGE weight has lifted off my shoulders.
OMG it was so hilarious... I was joking with hubby that down the road when the kids are in their teens and 20's and learn that if we die we are worth 1 million dollars plus whatever we have in the bank, we will have to worry about them planning our deaths LMAO Yes, I know, we're sick and have twisted sense of humor.

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