Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun Times In The Hospital - II

::sigh:: I am still in the hospital. I was however able to have the oxygen off for about an hour. YAY I got to walk the floor but then they checked my o2 level and my stats were 90%. That was a big blow because I actually felt fine and I was all cheery to mentally ready to head on home. NOPE not to buddy. My Doctor will come again around 5-6pm to check on me again. I get to get the IV not all the way out just disconnected until I need another round of antibiotics.
I get to see the sea monkies after dinner. Have I mentioned I HATE hospital food. They have brought me fish for the past 2 days and I do NOT like fish at all. So, hubby will be bringing me some Dairy Queen later WOOT! I got weighed today... When I went in for IUI I weighed 152lbs, my weight now is 164 HAHA I have no clue how I gained that weight I highly doubt the sea monkies made me gain 12lbs oh well. I just wonder what my weight and my stomach will look like after they come out. YIKES scarry thought.
Right now I have such a weak signal for internet that I cannot go on 2ww because of all the traffic they get it's just kicking me off. Maybe later on I'll be able to get on there and post my update. Well laptop has 15% battery left so I'm going to charge it LOL

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Anonymous said...

Wow, hope you get better soon! How bitter sweet to be able to see your babies so often! <3