Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Conversation with the Hubby!

Since hubby is on call all weekend, he got called in this afternoon. He didn't end up getting home until after the kids were asleep. I had his dinner in the microwave so I warmed it up for him then cooked me a hot-pocket since I was hungry too and sat down and ate with him.

Hubby: How you feeling?
Me: Better and hungry! How was it out there?
Hubby: It was a mad house at the shelter but we handled problems no one got hurt. I only arrested 4 people for traffic violations. That reminds me I have paper work to fill out. But I saw a few pets at the shelter that the people don't want and they gave me thier numbers and I wanted to run it by you first.
Me: Aww aint you sweet for asking first! What kind of pets? Hopfully a PIG!!
Hubby: LOL nope!................. A SNAKE!
Me: WTF HELL NO! You know very well, I HATE CRITTERS and INSECTS and CREEPY THINGS! Ayden is still a baby and we'll be having 3 more in about 6 or so months. What if it gets out at night and strangles one of the kids or me/you.
Hubby: Lexy your thinking too far into things. It's not a HUGE snake it'll only get about 2ft long. Not poision kind either.
Me: NO! If you get one, me and the kids will not be here.
Hubby: How about an iguna?
Me:NO same reasons
Hubby: Come on lexy? Ok, what about a hedge hog?
Me: And name it Sonic?
Hubby: *LMAO* that is it name already.
Me: Joel... why do you want yucky nasty critters in the house?
Hubby: Don;t even go there! Want me to name all the things YOU brought in this house! For starters.. a bunch of ducks, a goat you even brought in a claf....

:::silence for a minute:::

Me: WHATEVER... I am not touching the hedge hog, I am not feeding it and I am not cleaning the cage or whatever it lives in AND the kids WILL NOT TOUCH IT.... UNDERSTAND?!?
Hubby: got it! We'll have to go to Austin tomorrow to get a cage and such for it. Ok? We can go to the mall if you want!
Me: Trying to bribe me?
Hubby: Yeah, is it working?
Me: Mall and a thing that has millions of pokie things??!? OKAY MALL IS DOABLE

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