Tuesday, September 23, 2008

15 Random things about me

1. I am an organizational freak-it's so bad, it's almost obsessive-compulsive. I update my to-do lists daily, keep a calendar with appointments, and use a planner (with colorful highlighters to boot)I even labeled the cabinets int he kitchen (the draw for metal cookware says just that, plastic cookware, measuring cups - yes even they have their own draw). CRAZY HUH!
2. I got married shortly after I turned 18 years old.
3. I was separated from my husband for 7 months and almost filed for divorce in 2000.
4. I cannot stand a messy playroom, hell any room at that!!
5. Driving scares the bejeebus out of me. My driver's ed teacher way back in the day shouldn't have told me that cars are weapons and people are soft and squishy.
6. I am very environmentally-conscious and green-friendly.
7. I am addicted to hot-pockets LoL
8. I buy a purse every time I go to the store.
9. My TV is always set to the same channel.
10. I latterly go crazy with out Internet.
11. I collect dragon and GEL PENS. (don't ask how many I have, because it's in the 2,000s)
12. SCARED TO DEATH that my body will fail me again and miscarry this pregnancy!
13. For me, a meal just isn't a meal unless there's Ranch dressing. So yes, I do eat it on 95% of all my foods.
14. I feel I have accomplished more then most 26 year olds.
15. I'm in the toughest part of my life so far.... carrying the triplets.

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