Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun Times In the Hospital

Sunday I was admitted into the hospital. We went to the Emergency Room because I was wheezing BAD and my throat and chest was killing me. I was retracting as well. They couldn't do an x-ray on my chest because of the babies so they did and ultrasound *Now that was strange. I had to bare my goodies for that lmao!* Results are pneumonia and dehydration. I was put on oxygen 3.5 liters of it with breathing treatments every 2 hours with an IV of fluid and antibiotics.
Monday - More antibiotics and still every two hours. Got to see the sea monkeys (triplets) again. The (male) nurse is raving about it. **he's kinda hot too but, shhh I never said that** Nice to be thinking when he's probing me with the magic wand for the ultrasound. This is his first time with triplets so he's very interested. GLAD TO POP HIS CHERRY HAHAHA anyways they are doing good.
(I will be 8 weeks tomorrow)
Baby A - measuring 8 weeks 130bpm
Baby B - measuring 7.4 wks 122bpm
Baby C - measuring 8.3 wks 131bpm
Haven't gotten sick since yesterday. I've eaten a few small things but other then that the IV fluids and Dr. Pepper is holding me over.
Tuesday - Today's been a little better. They tested me for MRSA (form of Staph infection) and I tested positive for it. They said I could of gotten it from my RE or just that my immune system is weak and came in contact with someone else that had it even at the grocery store. Oh-well, that just adds another antibiotic to the list GRRR Good news though around 3pm they pushed th breathing treatments to every 3-4 hours YAY I can actually get more then two hours of sleep THANK GOD! If my oxygen can stay up above 95% for 4 hours I get to go home :) They lowered my oxygen to 2 liters So, I'm happy.
Sea Monkeys are still doing good, I had another ultrasound this evening... however I am worried about Baby B the hot sexy tech didn't seem worried but spent an extra 20 minutes on baby B
Baby A - 8.1 wks 132bpm
Baby B - 7.4 wks 115bpm
Baby C - 8.4 wks 134bpm

Right now I'm going to take a little itty bitty nap since I just finished a treatment and they wont bug me for another 3 hours

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