Thursday, September 25, 2008

10.2 weeks already!

Okay you're going to have to wait for ultrasound pics because Hubby is going to the store and buying me a new printer/scanner because the pictures I took of the ultrasounds sucked worst then last weeks LOL. But here are my belly pics! My, I am growing ever so fast.
Today was my very last appointment with my RE. I was teary eyed. But the sea monkies are doing GREAT! The p4 suppositories seems to be working. Maybe I'm not producing enough p4 for all the and just Baby B was suffering. But here are the stats
Baby A - 10.4 wks 165bpm
Baby B - 9.2 wks 145bpm (I am so proud of B)
Baby C - 11.2 wks 172 bpm
I started crying when he told me Baby B stats! Monkey is only a week behind and normal bpm! So I get to stay on 4 p4 sup. a day and we'll see what the peri says next week. I so cannot wait until next week maybe B will be cought up with the other two. HORRY!


Anonymous said...

Oh horray for baby b!!!! I cant believe how much of a difference there is. Congrats for making it so far already! Your belly is so cute.

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

You have a super cute belly!