Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Was ban from anything internet wise

It was confirmed by ultrasound that I am very cautiously expecting TRIPLETS. WOW, I know. We saw 3 very pretty sacks sitting in my uterus. The sacs measured Sac A - 3mm Sac B - 2.8mm Sac C - 4.2mm
We are excited but scared shitless at the same time. Tomorrow I go for another ultrasound to see heartbeats! I am excited about that one as well.

Sorry I was so late posting this. Friday - Hubby ban me from bringing the laptop & my iPhone since we had a mini vacation/celebration at a casino in Oklahoma. First day I spent 100 bucks and won 400 so WOOT I made a profit of 300. I am so proud because I can never win on slots. Hubby - he's a lucky duck and makes me mad! He was 600 and only spent $20 at the first pop. We went up there with 500.00 and came home with 1200.00 I am so proud of us. Granted we spent 100.00 in gas LoL It's okay we had fun!

Monkey girl is at school today :( I cried and as I was walking away. I don't know if it's my hormones that are making me so sappy lately or I am actually starting to not a be bitch LoL.

post more later feel so sick

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