Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's all about the hoo-ha & Birthday presents

Monday was the IUI and while at the fertility clinic some funny things happened. We got there around 12 when our appointment was at 12:45 (It's an hour and a half drive for us, so we got there early). They called us back and I got undressed and jumped up on the cold table and placed that paper sheet over my goods. Hubby being the smart ass that he is takes his phone out of his pocket and lifts up the sheet and takes a picture. I ask why did you do that for. He says to help him out when he goes to do his thing. At the moment of him taking the picture the nurse walks in ... nice HUH! She starts to giggle and says why go to another room to collect your sample when you can just do it here then bring me it. Hubby says OKAY really fast in a high pitched voice LMAO Nurse walks out laughing. So hubby takes the paper sheet off and does his thing into the cup. It's nice to know that your husband can get off just looking at your hoo-ha HAHA
He hands it to the nurse and she said it'll be a little while as they have to wash it so watch TV with wife in the room. Half an hour goes buy and my RE and our nurse comes in and woohoo time to get the party started. RE asks if hubby had fun in here. I laugh so hard I almost pee'd myself. Did the IUI and waited about a half an hour per the RE then went and bought some birthday gifts for ourselves.

We ended up at Best Buy. Hubby has been wanting a Play Station 3 (PS3) forever!! I didn't think it was necessary since we have Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, and Game Cube. After him watching the demo on one of the TVs that they had it on for 35 minutes. He asked if he could get that. I said very jokingly that he could if he got me an 52 in plasma tv with a stand. He said okay. WOW! So, yeah we ended up getting a PS3 and the TV I wanted plus a few games and a couple blue ray movies LMAO I just love my hubby!! We already had a 32inch plasma in the living room so now that on is in our bedroom LoL and not to mention hubby texted me this morning if he could get surround sound for the living room and I said do what you want. So, we finally put our stimulus checks to good use plus a few extra bucks that we were saving to use to put in a pond in our yard. I do want a pond with fish but right now is not a good time. I still have to till the yard for the garden that we been trying to get going but weather has been killing our yard.
Today I hooked up the Xbox, Wii and PS2, DVD player and BlueRay player to the new TV for hubby. Hubby already had the PS3 hooked up LoL and has been playing on it non stop since Monday night. I admit, Husband was right... we should of gotten PS3 sooner. The graphics are 10 times better then Xbox 360.

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