Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby in the making?

I just got back from the REs office. Ultrasound showed 5 matured follicles YIKES and 3 small ones.
Follicles on the Right - 20mm and 19mm
Follicles on the Left - 17mm 15mm and 12mm

RE gave me the percription for the trigger shot to use tomorrow night since he doesn't want me to over stimulate and have this cycle go to waste. He said he was very glad he made the decision that I go in to see him today as this whole cycle could of been a bust. Hubby will fill it when he gets home from work as with 2 kids cranky as hell that has not taken any naps. I didn't feel like taking them to the pharmacy at all.
We talked about a million things. All the What Ifs...
  • What if this cycle doesn't work then what

Talked about one more IUI cycle with 50mg clomid. He won't up the clomid as my body responds well to it.

Talked about IUI with donor Sperm

Talked about IVF

Talked about IVF with a Gestational Surrogate if we are still miscarrying seeing as my scar tissue is preventing the pregnancies to stick or so it seems to the RE possibly with donor sperm if the first transfer doesn't go well.

  • What if this cycle DOES work

Seeming as there are so many follicles there high chance of a multiple pregnancy.

Talked about Selective Reduction if there are a high order of multiples. My thoughts are is that I cannot personally choose what one of my children that my husband and myself worked so hard to get to just simply reduce. So, my choice is not to have any Selective Reduction done at all. But Husband was not there and I will consider his views as well and when the time comes we will deal with it.

Talked about he will monitor me longer then most as I've had a M/C at almost 13 weeks. He said he will keep me under his wing until 15 weeks.

Hoary for Monday... The IUI

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Watson said...

Hi there !

Thanks for your comment -- good Lord, the things we blog about, huh? I am so happy others share this *issue* and are willing to talk about it. I don't feel quite as freakish!!

I am wishing you much luck on this cycle, and yes, you can definitely link me. And I'll be back to check in and hope for GOOD NEWS!!