Sunday, November 2, 2008

One Special Nurse

I have a special nurse who is a huge help. She's this old little lady, and a typical 60 year old nurse who works the night shift. Still wearing the old school white shoes, tights and dress and last night she has pink over coat on. Last night I couldn't bear to look at my journal anymore. I made Joel go to the house and get my Paint Shop Pro cd and a couple font cd's so I can install it on my laptop. He didn't want to leave me alone. Ms. Sally (the nurse) said she could stay with me since she didn't have to rounds for another 3 hours and another nurse could cover her if needed. I'm on a regular floor, not the maternity floor. Joel took almost 5 hours because he couldn't find it and wanted to put up the few baby stuff that we bought over the weekend. She staid with me all but 15 minutes just so she could get her dinner. Ms. Sally shared her dinner with me. It was the best homemade potato pancakes I ever had! We talked a lot. We staid up til 5:30am talking when the sleeping pill finally kicked in. We talked about everything. Her loss of her husband and children. I asked a lot of questions on how she handled the depression and all the anger and if was I feel is normal or not. Tonight she said we'll have another dinner date if I am still up. I am actually looking forward to it. She asked what I was in the mood for and I told her anything but fish so we'll see what she brings.


Mimi said...

She sounds like an angel to me! She was sent to you for comfort. I still want to give you hugs!!! I hope you are healing Lexy. Time heals everything! Get some rest hon.


MerryMomma said...

What a sweet sweet lady. I would so do the same thing if I could be there for ya. My prayers are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Please be sure to tell Ms. Sally that I'll take an order of those potato pancakes!

Tell her also that I would certainly appreciate it if she would give you a big hug from me!

Whatever you are feeling is what is NORMAL for you. Everyone is different. We all have to deal with ourselves differently.

Just remember that you have a wonderful family already waiting for you and embrace them - your husband and the two little ones all need you just as much as you need them!

Wishing you well and praying for you!

Grannie in Florida

Anonymous said...

Lexy I am so glad you have found a wonderful friend in your nurse. Thinking of you...

Kellie from 2ww