Tuesday, October 14, 2008

YAY BABIES! 13 Weeks

Baby A & C are still beating away beautifully. I don't feel comfortable calling C "b" for some odd reason so I'll stay with C and my High Risk OB feels the same way so I am happy I switched doctors.
I still feel very crappy and this is by far the worst flu I have ever gotten in my life. I want to say thank you for all the well wishes! I feel bad for not being able to be online and comment and post on TWW like I normally do but these antibiotics should get me out of this funk shortly and I'll be back in action. It did feel good to get out of the house today for my doctors appointments even though it was only for about 5 hours and 3 hours of it was spent in the car driving LMAO
Here are the stats
A's heartbeat 160bpm 7.53cm and C's is 164bpm 7.79cm. She said that shes not too positive on the gender but 60% sure that A is a Boy and C is a girl. I am scanning the ultrasound pics now and I took a belly pic today with my web cam because hubby went shopping and carrie is at home with the flu as well (oops I gave it to her LOL). It sucks and the quality is crappy! My stomach has gotten smaller and a bit more rounder still a bit "swollen" as the Doctor said. She also said that I should be bleeding for a couple more weeks since I was so far along. SIGH! Oh - Well what can I do but rest up and stay on bed rest (until the bleeding stops) and try my hardest to get over this stupid flu LOL This m/c is by far the most painful one both emotionally and physically. I can understant the emotionall part but I wonder why it more painful pain wise. (does that make sence? LOL it does to me)


The White Family said...

You look great and Baby A and C are doing fantastic!! Congrats and hang in there. :o)

Anonymous said...

OOhhh Lexy the babies are getting SO big! Your belly is so cute too.

Thats sweet of your doctor to understand about baby B.

Hope you start feeling better soon. My M/C at 11 weeks was HORRIBLY painful. I didnt have a d&c with it, and let it all pass naturally and it was torture. The pain will subside soon, I hope the bleed does too.

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

very cute belly pic!

Anonymous said...

Lexy- I had to come check on you because I've been so worried. I am glad everything is great with A & C! You hang in there and get well soon! You look great, as do the babies!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww! Look at the cute little monklettes! They sure do look good from here. Listen to the doctors, listen to your heart and your body and I'm sure that Aye and Cee will do great!

Grannie in Florida