Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Very cute and for a good cause!

One of the many blogs I follow along daily is Kyms. At times she has me laughing so hard I piss my pants and sometimes I cry. She has been down the road of infertility and has beautiful blessings of her own and has is doing an amazing job of helping others have children by becoming a gestational surrogate mother. I know, at first I was like huh how can that be possible LOL but she has done it! She is about to start another journey of helping Chance become a mom :) She has made this beautiful necklas/bracelet that she hand ingraved and not the easy way with a machine but by hand to help raise money for the surrogate journey. We all know IVF is expensive but surrogacy is A LOT more expensive. I know.. I researched when our RE brought it up. Here is a link to her Etsy Shop to buy one or like Kym said SEVEN... HEHEHE I will be getting one :)


Kymberli said...

Lexy, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting about the waiting hearts here! Chance and I both thank you so much! :)

Lisa said...

That is a beautiful necklace. Best of luck with your babies. I too struggle with infertility, but I am now a proud Mommy to an IVF little boy. Stop by some time and check out my site. Many Blessings and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Surrogacy is a beautiful journey! I am on 2ww with you. I saw your blog and started reading. I have been a gestational surrogate twice. I gave birth to a little girl 7 yrs ago for a wonderful couple,and again for another wonderful couple in 2006.That time I got the joy of giving birth to boy/girl twins! Blessings on your journey!!