Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First appointment with Peri

I had my very first appointment with the Peri yesterday. The appointment went okay. When he was doing the measuring, he said Baby B has some markers that he doesn't like. He didn't say exactly what the markers were. So I got a FT screen. They took a shit load of blood that lasted 10 long minutes. After that I stood up and almost fainted so we had to wait there a while before we left. Also either my RE measured baby B wrong or the baby got smaller but he (i think it's a boy) was moving and swimming around like crazy.
Baby A - 11.5wks 152bpm
Baby B - 8wks 148bpm
Baby C - 12.5wks 165bpm
He said I'll have the results back within a week and then depending on the results he was to discuss CVS because the FT screen is not a diagnostic test.
I also have 25% more fluid in C's sac.
Yesterday I took a day away from the house (since he took me off modified bed rest and pelvic restriction).
My cervix is nice and long and thick and no funneling. It's at 5.1
However I have to eat more... total of 5000 calories a day :shock: I am going to be so fat hahaha and drink at least a 2 gallons of water a day. I hate water as it is LOL
I got a new prescription for my m/s. I still have to stay on the progesterone suppositories 4 times a day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my thats a lot to takein at one appointment, but I guess thats the joys of having 3 babies! How exciting that Baby b is super active! lol Thats going to be one kid that breaks all the rules! And have fun with the 5000 calories a day thing.. I dont know how your going to do it without eating fast food 24/7!! Aas for the water, I like to drink it with some propel packets (like crystal light). Good luck!

Annie said...

Eat eat eat & drink drink drink...keep those babies safe in there!! You're doing a great job so far!!