Monday, September 29, 2008


OK a lot of the blogs I follow and follow me do "Not me!" Mondays. So, I'm going to start doing it and hopefully add a little more fun to my blog since it's starting to revolve around the sea monkeys. LOL

I do NOT tease my son with Goldfish and throw it to watch him waddle and get it, eat it, and come back for more :giggle: NOT ME!

The other morning I did NOT wake up 10 minutes before my daughters bus was suppose to come, got her dressed, threw her hair up in a pony tail and I did NOT grab a bag of chips for her to eat for breakfast outside waiting for the bus. NOT ME!

I do NOT enjoy Carrie being here, cleaning, cooking and taking care of the things that I am suppose to be doing
I am so NOT taking advantage of it :giggle:

I did NOT forget to pay the credit card bills this month OOPS.

I am NOT worried my my High Risk OB will pressure me into selective reduction again.

I am NOT worried about miscarrying or go having these babies early.


Allmykids123 said...

Love how you are teaching your son to fetch. I think we have all done that a few times when our kiddos were learning to walk.
Found you on MckMama and wanted to stop in and say Hello.

zanesmommy said...

Love the fetching goldfish, I don't have my son fetch the balls.

I can relate to the last one, and can imagine the second to last. I will pray that you have a calm heart and that you are protected in God's loving arms.

Jennifer said...

Love your Not Me's and good luck with the triplets! I will pray for their safe arrival!

Ashley Griffin said...

love the chips for breakfast...sounds just like something i would do.

Kristen said...

Chips for breakfast? I have never done that! :-)

Best of luck with the triplets!

Annie said...

haha - yeah I never had that problem with the 1st pregnancy but I guess things aren't like they used to be with this pregnancy - haha - then I peed & laughed even endless cycle! haha

I love your"not" waking up late & giving her chips post! LOL Too too funny!!!!

Nicole said...

LOVED your "not me's"! We will be praying for a smooth safe pregnancy! CONGRATS!