Thursday, August 14, 2008

So happy I could pee my pants

This morning I woke up and first and only thing that was on my mind was pee-ing on a digital pregnancy test WOOT
Thoes 5 minutes seemd to last 10 minutes.

I waited and waited and POP I see PREGNANT!


Hubby left for work hours before I even attempted to get my ass out of bed. I took a picture of it and sent it to Hubby. He called me back ASAP and I could hear the excitment in his voice and then that made me get all sappy and cry BLAH I hate when I get all mushy wushy.

This evening I also pee'd on a non digital since I had one left in the open pack that I bought on bulk at Sam's Club LMAO ::I will post picturesat the bottom of this post::

Monday is our Beta... I will be 15dpo and 14dpIUI WOOT Last night and this morning I was telling myself that I am not going to get excited about it because my last two pregnancies ended in a miscarriage BUT it is so hard not to when you are looking at the word "Pregnant" on the pregnancy test.

Hubby and I talked about what if I have andother miscarriage and mine and his fears. Tonight I'll start typing up a draft about all that and post it when I am done.

Here are the positive pregnancy tests

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