Monday, August 18, 2008

Am I seeing double trouble in the future?

I just got the call back from the RE's office about my beta results....

Today is 14dpIUI 15dpo and its



I am extremely excited but since the numbers are so high I believe there are 2 or more and that makes me worried. (Not in a bad way.) I just worry if my body can carry more then one because of my scar tissue. The nurse said my progesterone levels are good 64. I haven't researched progesterone levels so I guess that's what I'm off to after my post.

I don't know if it was my nerves or morning sickness actually kicking in but I'm going to make an list of my symptoms update it each time something new happens LMAO and at time there are times I bet there will be TMI.
  • Blah feeling
  • sore boobs
  • very sensitive to change nipple ring
  • bloated

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