Friday, August 29, 2008

Hanging in!

Well I am hanging in. My stomach is constantly in a knot. I'm starting to hold things down thanks to a trick I learned on a triplet website. That after you eat the small means threw out the day, go outside for a walk. Since we live in the middle of no where. I just walk the property make sure the all the animals are okay and have enough hay and the automatic troff is working fine. At night I just walk within the glow from the outside lights. I will NOT venture out at night since there is coyotes and wild hogs.

I am trying sooo hard to talk hubby into us hiring someone to put in a pool. I don't care if it's in ground or not. I want a pool and I think it will be good for the pregnancy and also the monkey kids will absolutely love it. Plus if we ever want to sell our house, it'll make the value go up LoL.

We made our decision on the selective reduction. We were going to get a second opinion about Baby B. But, we have talked, cried and even laughed but we are letting nature take it's course. I am very proud of my uterus so far. It's holding in these babies better then I thought. I was so sure I would of miscarried one - all three by now. I think this pregnancy might actually be the one!! ::knock on wood:: My RE said that all 3 implanted on a part that doesn't have scar tissue so I am actually getting excited and letting my guard down a little. I couldn't sleep much at all last night and started going over baby names...
I like these for girls
Emilie (German form of Emily) Alysse
Emmaline Alyson
Emmalyn Alyssa
I just now hope hubby will like them and I haven't really found boys names that made me o0o!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found your posts on TWW and folloed to your blog. I cant wait to read more! Good luck!