Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cycle Day 9

Well today my firends is CD9 and OY I am having hot flashes like my MIL going threw menapause :X Snappy very snappy at Hubby. I alway applogise after and tell him to please understand it is not me it's the Clomid.Two more LONG days and I get to see what is brewing on my insides. I pray that there are good size follies and then can get my trigger shot then do our IUI again.

Update more later

Stoopid Monkies!

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Kymberli said...

You surely have had a rough go of it with your two deliveries and children's health issues!

I conceived each of my pregnancies on Clomid, and yes, it can make you a wackadoodie hormonally raging nutcase. You can ALWAYS blame it on the Clomid!

I'll be following along and wishing you success! Of course you can link to my blog! :)